Project Planning – Here at Olde World Cast Stone planning is a big part of our business. Architects and home owners will give us their input on the front side of the project so that we can deliver exactly what they want. Our estimating department provides quotations in such a manner as to leave time to discuss any scope or pricing questions before bid time.

Drafting/Engineering – This is one of the most important functions of any of our projects. Our team delivers drawings that reflect a fully detailed part that shows attachment and setting details.

Mould Manufacturing – Our Mould Artisans create each mould with precision tools and a design drawing to ensure that the part will be created to replicate the initial design. This will ensure that all parts are made per plans to allow for a more productive installation for the mason.

Materials/Mix – All of our materials are cared for as soon as they enter our facility. Nothing that goes into the mix will ever touch the floor or any other surface not intended for such per our quality control manual. Our materials are combined and mixed by a computer controlled module which ensures our consistency and quality control.

Casting the part – Our experienced team uses pneumatic hammers to dry tamp our zero slump mix into our specially designed moulds. Then the part is automatically de-moulded and reassembled to create another part.

Curing Process – We incorporate vapor cure chamber technology by Kraft Energy that was manufactured and then shipped and installed on site by their technicians. This vapor cure chamber is only used by a few companies in the United States. This process of curing the stone is crucial in fabricating a quality part and virtually eliminates efflorescence. This also allows for the stone to be handled by the mason sooner without compromising its integrity. This is achieved because this cure process accelerates a nearly two weeks cure time into a 24 hour period.

Packaging and Shipping – We have adopted a special quality control measure within our facility. Every man on the floor that manufactures a part is responsible for that particular part to be packaged and readied for shipment. This quality control measure has promoted the men to take pride in their own workmanship as the part is matched to each workman. Each part is marked with it own embedded number that correlates with its place in the shop drawings. Each pallet has its own number with its own manifest that contain each part on that pallet. Lastly the pallet is bagged in heavy plastic and heat is applied to shrink the wrap.

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