Olde World Cast Stone was introduced in 1991 to provide Architects, Landscape Architects, Builders, and Homeowners with a stonework product of exceptional appearance and lasting quality. A dry tamp process is applied to a precise mixture of sands and stones to create cast stone elements of high compressive strength with a fine-grained surface and texture closely resembling quarried and carved stone. The molding process replaces the time consuming and forbiddingly expensive carving of natural stone and permits unlimited design flexibility, reinforcement, and faithful reproduction of duplicate or repetitive elements.

With meticulous attention to quality and detail, Olde World Cast Stone offers a line of classically inspired standard pieces in a wide range of professionally designed column and wall caps, pier caps, baluster systems, pavers, copings, step treads, keys, quoins, finials, planters, and millstones. Custom pieces created to designer specifications are readily available and new selections are continually added to the collection.

The distinguished cast stone pieces presented by Olde World Cast Stone add value and permanence to any building application, whether it is renovations, residential or commercial projects, as well as hardscape and landscape applications.

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